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Connís, Inc. is a specialty retailer of home appliances, furniture, mattresses, consumer electronics and provider of consumer credit. The Company currently operates over 70 retail locations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico. Additionally, the Company offers a variety of products on a seasonal basis, including lawn and garden equipment, and window air conditioners, and continues to introduce additional product categories for the home. Unlike many of its competitors, the Company provides flexible inhouse credit options for its customers, in addition to third-party financing programs and third-party rent-to-own payment plans.

4055 Technology Forest Blvd., Suite 210
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
Phone: 936-230-5899 Fax: 855-326-5053


CEO/President: Theodore Wright
Executive VP and CFO: Mike Poppe
VP and CFO: Brian Taylor
President of Retail: David Trahan

Key Contacts:
President of Retail: David Trahan 936-230-5869david.trahan@conns.com
Electronics: Aaron Trahan 936-230-5868aaron.trahan@conns.com
Furniture:Brad Proesch936-230-5858brad.proesch@conns.com
Appliances: Joshua Bunde 936-230-5830joshua.bunde@conns.com
Home Office:Jordan Smith936-230-5864jordan.smith@conns.com
Advertising:Stephanie Chambers936-230-8531stephanie.chambers@conns.com

Stores: 70 Plus
Employees: 3,000
Market: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico